First agriculture
based nfts

SeedSwap introduces innovative liquidity farming mechanics to the crypto world and rewards long-term farmers with NFTs.

Our Vision

One of the more persistent but overlooked problems in the DeFi world today has to do with staking liquidity. Tokens launch with high yields for liquidity stakers then tend to give back diminishing returns the longer one stakes.

We created SeedSwap to provide a solution to this problem. SeedSwap rewards liquidity stakers with yield multipliers as well as NFTs for long-term stakers. This would result in higher, more stable liquidity in the market while driving investor confidence.

We also aim to create an NFT redemption process at a discount to farmers. Over half of the SeedSwap Tokens accrued through the redemption process will be subject to burn, some will be sent back to the farming pool to replenish the supply, and a portion will be sent to the SeedSwap treasury. This will create a deflationary max supply and will serve as a benefit to all token holders. We also plan to implement a token buyback program in the future as an additional benefit to all token holders.

  • Q1 2021
    Team and Project Formation
  • Q2 2021
    Liquidity Farming Launch
  • Q3 2021
    NFT Farming Rewards Launch
    NFT Exchange Launch
  • Q4 2021
    Token Buyback Program
    Mobile App



SeedSwap’s NFTs represents virtual crop assets that are rewarded to farmers, and can be bought or sold on the NFT exchange.

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