Bringing Artists, Creators, Enthusiasts, and Blockchain at one place.
SeedSwap is the world's first Ethereum based social media platform. A place for artists, creators, and crypto to come together, it combines the transparency and security of DeFi with the intuitive and user-friendly features of social media.
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Phase 2
Social Network
The lifeblood of any marketplace or social network is activity. Liking, sharing, and following are all essential to the success of creators and businesses in the modern day. Our decentralized platform is designed for users to generate online revenue streams from their content, products, and services without sacrificing the integrity of their data. The integration of our Social and Marketplace features make it easier than ever to create and network in the crypto world.
Phase 2
Farming & Staking
Many cryptocurrencies launch with high-yield staking programs for liquidity providers, but these programs tend to return diminishing yields in the long-run. This leads to a collapse of the cryptocurrency's value, and sometimes even the value of the whole project. SeedSwap’s farming system is a compounded, seasonal staking that rewards liquidity providers for staking over longer periods of time. This incentivizes long-term hodling and eases its price point volatility. Additionally, liquidity providers are rewarded with random NFT drops and NFT discounts which are redeemable on the Marketplace.
Phase 3
NFT Marketplace
NFT's are unique, emergent instruments which give creators a presence on the blockchain. SeedSwap’s NFT Marketplace and Social enable these creators to curate and promote their crypto creations and earn crypto in the process.
Phase 4
Mobile App
It is predicted that by 2025, almost 75% of all web traffic will come from mobile devices. To facilitate mobile users, we are developing a mobile app for our platform.
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SeedSwap’s native currency and token, SNFT, is a coin that allows real-world revenue to be returned to its coin’s HODLers. SNFT favors real-world value over traditional speculation in this way via its buyback and burn process. The automated process takes profits from on-platform revenue streams such as advertising, market transactions, and more, and feeds them into the automated buyback and burn of tokens to decrease their supply and increase their average value. SNFT HODlers can be confident that their investment is tied to more tangible revenue streams than traditional crypto assets to make their investment more safe, stable, and secure.
ILO & Liquidity
Team & Contributors
Meet our dedicated team.
Jason Dempsy
Chief Executive Officer
Jason oversees all operations of the SeedSwap project. He is a former Business/Finance major and self-taught programmer. His knowledge in business is a great asset in the management and operations of the project. As a programmer, Jason oversees all blockchain code deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.
Chief of Operations & Technology
Vamp brings over 12 years of programming experience and 3 years of experience in robotics to the team as the Chief of Technology and Operations. Previously Vamp has worked for military and public sector clients. He is a significant asset to the team with the substantial amount of experience he brings. One thing about Vamp is that he enjoys cooking.
Steffan Malcolm
Chief Marketing Officer
As a management and Writing Graduate, Steffan provides insight on the nexus between business and content, and how to develop avenues to engage with new markets and new communities. As a former analyst and product developer, he also provides insight on organizational development, strategy, and how to create products that better engage with and inspire users.
Esteban Marcial Rico Bravo
Chief Data Officer
A Student of Actuarial Sciences currently working on new financial and mathematical models and simulations to apply in yield farming and NFT markets. Esteban provides useful insight on the current and future SeedSwap financial state based on market analysis and projections of financial policies.
Shane Coll
Project Developer
Shane has an extensive background within software management and has experience programing in many different languages. His diverse knowledge of programming is a great asset to the SeedSwap team as he can bring different technical perspectives on how to develop blockchain applications.
Max Wißmann
Project Management
Founder of a DIY company and finance student, Max provides insight on growing and organizing companies, as well as day-to-day company and cashflow maintenance. Max handles the development and fulfillment of SeedSwap merchandise, as well as insights into product and business development.
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